...Worry Box 101

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Hey Y'all! So, I got this idea from Pastor Tony Evans & I wanted to share! Here is a picture of my worry box that I created & yes, I took the picture using my bedroom decor (shameless plug) - & Did I mention that Tiffany Blue is my FAVORITE color? LOl! Alright, so back to the subject at hand. If you find yourself struggling with the stronghold of worrying -- you might want to make a worry box too! You can make a worry box by cutting a slit in the top of an old shoe-box (or use a decorative box with a lid). So when Satan drives you to worry, you can write your worry down on a piece of paper & talk to God about it. Knowing & believing that He is able to take care of whatever worries you put in your box. You can’t handle them, but God can! ...THEN fold up your worry, drop it in the box, and let it GO!

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